Bruno & Paula
San Diego

Brazilians, Brunno and Paula started their studies in Brazilian Latin Dances in 2001 and 2004 respectively, including Brazilian Zouk. In 2005, they started their career as Instructors, coaches, choreographers and performers in partner dancing. Their partnership began in 2007 when they were working together for a dance show at the Ouro Verde Theater in Brazil. In 2011, Brunno and Paula expanded their dance repertoire and started training in West Coast Swing. In 2014, they moved from Londrina, Brazil to Southern California where they established the San Diego Brazilian Zouk dance scene. Since then, they have been offering regular Brazilian Zouk classes at Starlight Dance Studio and other venues in San Diego. Bruno and Paula have traveled across the U.S. teaching Brazilian Zouk as well as teaching and competing in West Coast Swing. They won several awards as WCS competitors.
Specialized in Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing, Brunno and Paula are recognized for their high quality instruction, connection, and unique style. Both have been Certified Instructors for West Coast Swing since 2014 and Certified Brazilian Zouk Master Instructors since 2015 through the Global Professional Dance Instructor Association (GPDIA). With over 13 years of experience in dance instruction, they found a passion for also training dance instructors in the art of teaching. Through the GDPIA, they have so far trained and certified 5 Brazilian Zouk Instructors on Basic Level.
Married since 2008 and parents of a 11-year-old boy, Brunno and Paula always strive to find balance between their dance career and quality family time