Can & Nil

Can and Nil are international dancers based in Istanbul, Turkey.They both dance for 11 years and they are partners for 5 years.They became 2 times national bachata champions. Can and Nil are comfortable teaching in Turkish, English and Spanish. They are from Colombia and Turkey, and are currently based in Istanbul.

Nil has been dancing for 11 years and lived in New York for 2 of those years. During that time she joined in a bachata dance team and performed with them in the festivals around US. In Turkey she competed in the bachata category for years and got 1st place twice, one 2nd place and one 3rd place. After becoming partners with Can, they became National Bachatastars Champions in Turkey.

Can has also been dancing for 11 years. He competed salsa on2 category for 4 years. He also competed bachatastars 2 times and received 1st place at both in Turkey. He went to world finals twice, once in Spain and once in Hungary.

Together they love to share their passion for dance teaching sensual bachata around the world.