Greg Martin

Greg Martin is a passionate Urban Kiz & Semba dance instructors.

Core themes: Lead and Execution, Elegance, core technique to improve ability, clarity and confidence in one’s own dancing.

Greg Martin (USA/Sweden) started dancing Kizomba in 2009. With background in other partner dances as Lindy hop, salsa, bachata, he started teaching kizomba in Sweden in 2010.
With more than 20 years of experience teaching dance, he developed his unique kizomba style from his early days learning from the original kizomba masters in Lisbon and evolving his dance in Paris and Sweden.

His lead style balances the authentic feel of kizomba with complex fun steps while maintaining ultimate connection with his partner.
Their classes are fun, challenging and always give strong technique for improving social dance. They love teaching and performing dance, and their passion is infectious.