Guiseppe & Lani
Los Angeles

Guiseppe and Lani combined their experience and passion to create a partnership that spreads their love of dance and music. Guiseppe’s love of music began at an early age playing sax, piano and guitar. This evolved in to exploring dances such as swing, contra, break, hip hop, bachata and kizomba. As a former martial arts instructor he brings a unique approach to teaching partner dancing. He has taken these influences and experiences and combined them with his personal musical pedigree and dance experience to create a unique dance and teaching style.

Lani’s dance journey began at 3 with the top dance teacher in Armenia. She won multiple awards traveling across Armenia and Iran. She trained and performed ballet as well as various cultural dances such as Armenian, Arabic, Persian and Gypsy. At age nine she began assistant teaching and eventually became an instructor. Lani’s also performs and teaches partner dances which include kizomba, salsa, bachata and zouk. She specializes in teaching students how to connect with a partner and with the music as well as how to interject individual musicality and styling within the flow of the dance.