Jackie Danza
Los Angeles

Jackie discovered her passion for music when she started playing piano at a young age. Then, at age 8, her parents enrolled her in her first dance class where she began to develop her talent for how to interpret music through movement. Her passion for music and dance have grown simultaneously over the years. After playing the piano, Jackie then played the violin, viola, chelo, saxophone, and her most dedicated instrument was the trombone which she played for over 10 years. In addition to having experience with various instruments, Jackie has also trained in over 30 different dance genres, under many instructors all over the world which reflects in her song selection. Jackie has found a way to combine both her deep understanding of music and her passion for dance in her DJ sets.

Jackie is the DJ that dances. She has been studying, playing, and dancing to music for over 25 years. In 2019, with a focus of DJ’ing at Dance Festivals, Jackie was a featured DJ in 22 different cities including 14 festivals, 7 of which were international performances. She is an energetic, dynamic, enthusiastic DJ that promotes positivity and mindfulness. She is passionate about inspiring others to move and express the inner most feelings through music.

“Music is more than simply music – it is an outward reflection of our inner most feelings.” -Jackie Danza

Jackie’s approach to music transcends movement. Her unique style and approach is founded on a deep connection with the music and she leverages that connection to create music that others can express life in the form of dance. Her desire is to empower others by cultivating, within them, a connection with the music and their inner most feelings to let their positive light shine.

“In every space you are in,
However you are feeling,
Wherever you are in life…
You can dance –
Free your soul and dance!”