JMichael and Marina

Combining a dynamic background in urban and street styles, with a vast knowledge of the history of dance, JMichael is a professional American dancer and choreographer with over 20 years of experience. He is known worldwide for his highly creative and original narrative fusion pieces.

Born in New York and raised in Oakland, California, JMichael is a self taught dancer and choreographer who started his craft at the age of 8. Throughout his career, JMichael has worked, performed, and toured with many artists such as Janet Jackson and Ice Cube, and has taught and performed worldwide. With his high energy and artistic vision, his list of clients include Sprite, Nike, Pepsi, Adidas, Warner Brothers, Sony,and Lucasfilm to name a few. With years of experience in the entertainment industry, he is a highly versatile and creative performer, specializing in street styles such as bachata, salsa, popping, bboying, house, and afro.

JMichael brings knowledge of street styles and body mechanics to his classes and performance trainings for bachata, hip hop, and salsa. He has become known for producing extremely artistic and innovative numbers that combine his extensive knowledge of dance styles as well as elements of theater and art. He directs and produces the costume design, choreography, photography, videos and music for all of his performance numbers. Extremely creative, highly knowledgeable, incredibly passionate, JMichael continues to push the boundaries of dance and draw from various art forms and dance styles to develop pieces that are completely unique and deeply engaging.