Meleah Stacy
Los Angeles

Meleah Stacy was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. Her passion for dancing began at the age of 16.
Meleah attended Pioneer Performing Arts in Mansfield, Ohio where she studied Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dancing.
In 2015, Meleah moved to Los Angeles where she discovered her love for Bachata and partner dancing. She danced for Que Rico Dance Company under the direction of Jorge Contreas, Aubrey Ares and Demetrio Rosario; Empowered Movement Dance Company, under the direction of Aubrey Ares; and Rhythmic Fusion Dance Company under the direction of Mike Zuniga and Jenifer Silvas. She has assisted several renowned instructors in Los Angeles; Jorge Contreas, Demetrio Rosario and Arden Ebalo. In March 2019, Meleah went to Spain for 3 months to pursue a passion of hers by training in and dancing Bachata Sensual. In May 2019 Meleah began working with her previous dance partner Angel Rodriguez starting their own training program and style in Los Angeles. In January 2020 she began working solo, directing Sara Panero Laides Team Los Angeles as well as Grupo Esencia LA by Marco Espejo.
Her dance repertoire also includes Kizomba & Urban Kiz.
Meleah is looking forward to traveling and spreading her love for dance around the world, while empowering others to share their love for dance.
In the dance community, Meleah is known for her dynamic, elegant and sensual style.