Nelly Caldeira

Nelly Caldeira is an energetic, fun and passionate Brazilian Zouk Instructor/Dancer from Brazil who current lives and teaches in South Bay, California. Her number one passion is to spread knowledge, body awareness and self-development among those who come her way. Her academic background is philosophy, and she has spent over 10 years teaching this subject for people of all ages in several schools and prep courses in Brazil. She started learning Zouk in Niteroi (BR) from Rodrigo Goncalves (Renata Pecanha’s School instructor) in 2014. Nelly’s desire to dive deeper in to Zouk technique lead her to Paloma Alves and in 2016 she became part of the Entre Passos Studio’s intern team in Rio de Janeiro. At the end of 2017, Nelly met Val Clemente & Vanessa Bonilha. She instantly fell in love with their teaching methodology and energy. She’s been part of the ‘Zouk Needs You’ team since then.

Nelly has competed and placed in J&J competition several times, has performed with Zouk SF team, K&L ladies team, Boneca Baddies and is currently directing Zouk Babes Season 5 in the Bay area. She has taught workshops and weekender in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Bay Area, Sacramento, Mexico, Dallas, Hawaii, and Arkansas.

Lately, she is dedicated to bring Zouk and self-development together. She believes that dance is an essential part of self-discovery that promotes internal and external connection, self-confidence, body awareness and emotional healing. With this vision, she is working on a project that connects both dance and communication. The idea is to help the Zouk community to grow not only in dance quality but also inspire Zoukers to grow emotionally by unleashing their authentic and responsible self