Antonio & Estefanía

🌟🌟 BIO 🌟🌟
We are Antonio & Estefanía , professional bachata dancers. We start 10 years ago. We got the second place in Europe in Bachatastars and fifth place in the world got the title of World Bachata Master.
We have been traveling around the world for 8 years teaching sensual bachata in Spain,UK,France,Italy,Turkey,Poland,Russia,Greece,Egypt,Portugal,Bulgary,China,Korea,Japan,EEUU,Canada,Latvia,Germany acting and being a jury of different competitions like Turkey and Italy Bachatastars.

We have been the first international couple to teach sensual bachata in some places like Russia or Korea.
Estefania was also international champion of ballroom dancing and finalist of the WLDC in Salsa Soloist. We are the image of the international shoe brand Gautiers Dance Shoes. We define our style like “Dark BACHATA”. We love what we do and hope that with our experience you could learn and enjoy with our work. With love A&E 🖤 🌹