Janis & Zoe

We are a passionate dancing couple who started our journey back in 2019. We love, we dance, we travel, we teach and we live together, with all the ups and downs you can imagine chosing such an unusual lifestyle, and we share our passion with everyone who is ready for it. Are you ready for it? Then let’s start at the beginning.

After meeting each other we were noticing such a strong and special connection between us and after lots of extraordinary moments, both extremly beautiful and hard times, we had to make a big decision. Should our pain and fear of our past dictate our direction of the future or should we risk everything? We chose the path that we thought would lead to a more meaningful everydaylife.

Of course after we decided to go after our dreams people started to say things, they tried to bring us back to “normal life” but we were sure that if you want to archieve something special you have to go through some stages and even if other people doubted or made fun of our chosen lifestyle we kept on and believed in us. We are the owners of our biography and the creators of our futures. We gave up a lot and we were scared as hell but we committed our life to grow as a couple, as persons and as professional teachers and dancers.

You know what it feels like being in the right place at the right time? Dancing and all about it made us see so clearly through the fog of life decisions. Dancing is the binding element in our life, giving us this really strong connection between our souls but at the same time it opened us so many secret doors to new countries, new people and new tasks we are so curious about.
As we took our decisions to change our lifes you can take a deep breath and dive with us into new worlds full of suprising moments.
Janis & Zoé